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The next Master Class session will be held from July 30th through August 2nd 2018.


Master Class $900


  • Four day supervisory workshop
  • 9am-5pm (~approximately) each day
  • Earn up to 28 Continuing Education credits
  • Half of your registration is applied to the preservation of the Erickson Museum
  • If the registration is sold out, please email us at registration@erickson-foundation.org to be added to the wait list.

Register for Phoenix Master Class 2018

This course is designed to improve your clinical skills through direct experience. During the four-day course you will be exposed to an abundance of clinical practice that will take you to next level in terms of your own personal and professional development. There will be very little didactic teaching. This Class is structured so each member participates in four roles: therapist, supervisor and client (twice). You will be a client for one session with Dr. Jeffrey Zeig and one session with a peer therapist. You will be able to see others practicing in front of the group in a very safe environment. The unique format of this group will help you integrate learnings in powerful ways.

Educational Objectives

  1. Given a patient, indicate how to conduct an experiential assessment.
  2. Given a student, describe the Ericksonian supervision model.
  3. List three experiential methods of treating an anxiety disorder.