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Contact: Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD
Director: The Milton H. Erickson Foundation
Telephone: 480-389-4342
Web site: www.evolutionofpsychotherapy.com
Email: jeff@erickson-foundation.org

Location: Anaheim
Venue: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim Hilton, and Anaheim Marriott
Dates: December 11-15, 2013



International experts assemble to describe state-of-the-art methods to solve problems in behavioral health and relationships.

Master practitioners in the field of human psychology will present their latest research on a wide range of topics to an audience of more than 7,000 registrants at the largest psychotherapy conference in the world. The topics include post-traumatic stress disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, marital problems, stress, and its consequences, personality disorders, and major mental illness.

The special keynote speaker of this year’s Conference includes Alanis Morissette, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and actress who has won 16 Juno Awards, seven Grammy Awards, and was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards; Aaron Beck, MD, an American psychiatrist who has been widely regarded as the father of cognitive therapy; Gerard Edelman, MD, Ph., Director of The Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, California, and Professor at The Scripps Research Institute who received the Nobel Prize for his work on the structure and function of antibodies; and James Foley, a filmmaker of complex themes highlighted by finely-tuned performances coaxed from a wide range of actors. His movies include Glengarry Glen Ross and Perfect Stranger. He also directed the award-winning series House of Cards and Twin Peaks.

Invited keynote speakers include Diane Ackerman, MFA, Ph.D., the author of 23 books of poetry and nonfiction; Daniel Amen, MD, a psychiatrist, brain-imaging specialist, teacher, and New York Times best-selling author; Paul Ekman, Ph.D., author of 13 books including Emotions Revealed & Emotional Awareness, co-authored with the Dalai Lama and one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people; and Michael Gazzaniga, Ph.D., a Professor of Psychology and the Director for the SAGE Center for the Study of Mind at the University of California Santa Barbara who oversees an extensive research program investigating how the brain enables the mind.

All-Conference faculty members are experts who have written best-selling, popular books, and who frequently appear in the national media. Other keynote speakers are Martin Seligman, Salvador Minuchin, and Irvin Yalom. The primary faculty is comprised of Albert Bandura, David Barlow, John & Julie Gottman, Jean Houston, Otto Kernberg, Marsha Linehan, Cloé Madanes, Donald Meichenbaum, Erving Polster, Ernest Rossi, Francine Shapiro, and Jeffrey Zeig.

The state-of-the-art faculty includes Judith Beck, Claudia Black, David Burns, Jon Carlson, Nicholas Cummings, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, Steven Hayes, Harville Hendrix, Sue Johnson, Jack Kornfield, Harriet Lerner, Peter Levine, Scott Miller, William Miller, Bill O’Hanlon, Violet Oaklander, Christine Padesky, Mary Pipher, Daniel Siegel, Derald Wing Sue, Bessel van der Kolk, Michele Weiner-Davis, and Michael Yapko.

Tabbed by Time magazine “the largest gathering ever devoted to the practice of psychotherapy,” the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference is held every four years. As the “Woodstock of Psychotherapy,” registrants come from every state and more than50 countries worldwide. Currently, there are 400 registrants from Canada, 300 from Australia, and 50 from China. Registration is limited to health/mental health professionals and graduate students from accredited institutions. Commencing in 1985, the greatest minds in psychotherapy have served on the Conference faculty.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for in-depth interviews on any mental health topic.

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For additional information or interviews, contact Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.