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Jun 13

Canoe Diary

Shortly after graduating from high school, Milton Erickson developed polio and hovered near death. Three years later, in June 1922 he undertook from his home in Wisconsin a canoe trip down the Mississippi River the purpose of which was to improve his strength and health. The canoe trip ended on August 1922, and Erickson accomplished his mission.

Milton H Erickson Foundation now makes the entire canoe diary available in its original form. From this document students are able to study one of the formative experiences in Erickson’s life.

The diary can be browsed and read below, or you can listen to the entire diary in audio book format. Read by Lance Erickson, The Canoe Diary is the writings of a young Milton H. Erickson from his Legendary True American Adventure down the Mississippi River in 1922. All proceeds from the sale of this Canoe Diary audio recording will be used to support the upkeep of the Erickson Historical Home and the Milton H. Erickson Foundation.

Purchase The Canoe Diary of Milton H. Erickson: Audiobook here.

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