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The Erickson Foundation makes it a priority to offer courses that will continue your education and perfect the foundation of your art. Our team at the Erickson Foundation has worked hard to bring you one-of-a-kind courses that focus on psychotherapy and Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy strategies. Our Online Summer Guide consists of 3 courses that are virtual so that attendees all over the world can attend our courses in the comfort of their own homes and connect with us and other attendees from all over the world. Below is a detailed look at our Summer Guide and resources to help you through those said courses.

The Intensive Training Course starts July 7th and gives attendees a chance to learn about various Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy strategies and how to implement said strategies into their clinical practice. The course consists of levels A-F where you will start by learning the fundamentals of Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy and as the levels go on, you will study more extensive strategies and how to implement them into clinical work.

There are 8 sessions in each level, taught by 4 faculty members. Each session consists of a lecture, practice group, discussion, Q&A, and homework for an interactive experience. To better understand the course and help you along the way, here are a few resources from our online store:

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The Art of Psychotherapy Course begins July 18th and is the 8th rendition in the course that focuses on Evocative Communication. Each rendition of this course focuses on a different theme of psychotherapy and how to implement strategies related to that theme into your clinical practice.

There are 4 sessions in the course, taught by Dr. Jeffrey Zeig. Each session consists of a live therapy session with a demo subject, an interactive discussion that breaks down the strategies used, and a Q&A. To better understand the course and help you along the way, here are a couple of resources from our online store:

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The Grandmasters’ Approaches to Psychotherapy Course begins July 9th and allows attendees to learn about the masters in the psychotherapy field. The course is split into two levels as you will learn about 17 masters.

There are 6 sessions in each level, and you’ll have the privilege of watching an archived video of said master from the Erickson Foundation Archives. In each session, you’ll join Dr. Jeffrey Zeig as he discusses the techniques used and the historical value of the master. To better help you understand the course along the way, here are resources from our online store:

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Our Summer Courses are a great opportunity for you to perfect your techniques and continue your education so that you can implement these skillful strategies into your practice and better help your clients. If you plan on taking any of these courses, Dr. Zeig recommends investing in these resources to help you along the way and to get the most out of your education with us. To take a deeper look at these courses and to browse our store, click here.



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