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Pioneers of Psychotherapy

Pioneers of Psychotherapy is a collection of training DVDs featuring renowned clinicians who have made seminal contributions to the field of psychotherapy. Most of the major contemporary disciplines are represented in clinical demonstrations and discussions—

• Behavioral • Bioenergetics • Client-Centered • Cognitive • Humanistic • Existential • Ericksonian • Family Therapy • Focusing • Gestalt • Hypnosis • Logotherapy • Mind-Body Healing • REBT • Reality Therapy • Psychodrama • Redecision Therapy • Psychodynamic

Over 30 DVDs offer unique opportunities for instruction in the practice of counseling and therapy, featuring demonstrations of live supervision by distinguished experts. These demonstrations are unscripted applications of the techniques and interventions associated with a particular orientation, in most cases described by the originator. One video contains a panel discussion with four of the world’s leading theorists about the practice of psychotherapy (May, Rogers, Satir, and Szasz). Ideal for courses that focus on training in methods of counseling and psychotherapy—also valuable for clinicians who want to improve their practice.


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