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 Milton Erickson is known as one of the pioneering psychotherapists of the 21st century. The Milton H. Erickson Foundation has content surrounding this genius man that is free and available for purchase. From countless books, exciting streaming content, online reading material, and more, we have everything you need to learn about Milton Erickson. Whether you are just learning about him for the first time and don’t know where to start or are an experienced Ericksonian eager to get your hands on more material, you can’t go wrong. Here we have compiled a list of resources we have available to help you on this journey.

Free Material we have available

  1. Core Competencies of Ericksonian Therapy is a 6 part video series by Dr. Dan Short, Ph.D. In each video, Dan Short sits down with a guest to talk about the foundational principles (one by one) for mastering Ericksonian Therapy. The whole project can be viewed here.
  2. The Erickson Foundation eZine is a monthly e-newsletter you can receive from us by subscribing to our email list. You will receive a roundup of updates, stimulating content, and things that went on that month from course information, blog content, highlight features, updates from Jeffrey Zeig, special observances, exclusive previews, and more! To get our next issue, subscribe here.
  3. The Erickson Foundation Blog is our weekly blog where we will share a variety of material from case reports, pieces written by Ericksonian therapists, and stories surrounding Erickson, his family & work. Other blog posts you’ll find are book & video reviews, resource guides, and mental health tips/issues. To read more articles, they can be viewed here.
  4. Erickson Historic Residence is the residence where Milton and Elizabeth Erickson resided and he would conduct his widely known Teaching Seminars. It is now preserved as a museum to honor Milton and Elizabeth Erickson’s contributions to the psychotherapy world. You can take a tour of this historical place and peer into Dr. Erickson’s personal and professional life. Along the way, you will find memorabilia and cherished items that have been donated by members of the Erickson family and Dr. Jeffrey Zeig. Learn more and schedule your own tour, available in-person and virtually.
  5. The Erickson Foundation Newsletter is created quarterly and includes case reports, interviews, written pieces by Ericksonian therapists, information surrounding various courses and trainings, product reviews, relevant updates, and more. It can be delivered to you via print or email, just sign up here. To look back at the several volumes of Newsletters we have, browse through our Newsletter Archives.
  6. The Erickson Foundation YouTube Channel can be used to view our course trailers that give you a better look at what you can expect from our courses. We have two fascinating series on the channel. The first one, Stories of Milton Erickson where Dr. Jeffrey Zeig recounts several personal stories of Milton Erickson. In the second one, 5 Minute Therapy Tips Dr. Jeffrey Zeig gives short tips that relate to material from his Experiential Psychotherapy books. View our entire YouTube Channel here.

Content that is available for purchase

  1. The Erickson Streaming Video Collection is a video collection created in 2020 that is compiled of rare case videos of Milton Erickson from the Foundation Archives. You will get to witness rare footage, such as Dr. Erickson’s Teaching Seminar and his unique approaches in action, along with Dr. Jeffrey Zeig’s annotations throughout the videos. Browse the series here.
  2. Fundamentals of Hypnosis Bundle is a video streaming package from the 2019 Erickson Congress, where you will get six training sessions that teach applications of Ericksonian principles. Check it out here.
  3. Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis and Therapy is a DVD collection that showcases Milton Erickson’s work and life as he demonstrates his unique approaches in a variety of areas from, experiential methods, anecdotes, metaphors, and more. The collection can be viewed here.
  4. Uncommon Therapy by Jay Haley is a wonderful introduction to Milton Erickson. Even though this book is not sold by the Erickson Foundation, Dr. Jeffrey Zeig recommends this book to those that are not familiar with Dr. Erickson’s work. The book is broken down by a few chapters of instruction and the rest with interesting case studies. Get your own copy now.
  5. Wizard of the Desert is an incredible biography in DVD format of Dr. Erickson that explores his personal life and pioneering career work and can be found here.

Milton Erickson was a brilliant man whose one-of-a-kind approaches were created and utilized to help each of his clients individually reach their personal therapy goals. All of these resources – free and available for purchase show how innovative Dr. Erickson was and no matter how unique and rare his approach was, it always benefitted the patient. These resources will help you on your journey to learn all you can about this man and continue to learn as you become a seasoned Ericksonian. Make sure to always check our website as we continue to explore our archives and share exciting footage and material of legendary psychotherapist, Milton Erickson.

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