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The Erickson Foundation continues to be a space for Ericksonian professionals and professionals in a health-related field that have an interest in psychotherapy, hypnosis, and Milton Erickson. Our products continue to range from courses, books, audio & video. We are working to reach our international audiences, such as our Spanish Speaking audiences. The purpose of this blog post is to share all the available Spanish-translated materials that we have at the Erickson Foundation. Our Spanish materials are split into two categories, books, and audio & video. Below is a deeper look into the two categories of our Spanish Translated products.


Books Available Through the Erickson Foundation Store

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The Empowering Experiential Therapy Series – Spanish is a series by Dr. Jeffrey Zeig that contains 4 books, where he presents his model of hypnosis, his method of therapist development, the examination of Milton Erickson’s work, and teaches the readers how to use their therapeutic communication.

Experimentado La Hipnosis: Collected Works Volume 12 is part of The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson, MD. This is the 3rd book written by Dr. Erickson and Dr. Rossi. These books are the only way we can access the thought of Dr. Erickson, which makes this collection invaluable for those who have an interest in the techniques of Erickson. Dr. Erickson’s procedures are also useful for those who practice other models of psychotherapy since many of the skills and ideas developed by Erickson can also be used with any other model of psychotherapy.

Hipnoterapia: Un Libro de Exploración de casos: Collected Works Volume 11 is part of The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson, MD. Through these materials, those close to Dr. Erickson could observe that Erickson always worked towards the goals of his patients, not his own. It is significant that both intention and practice are most successfully coordinated and realized in the work of this man who is probably the master of clinical hypnosis, and yet hypnosis is associated almost by all with manipulation and suggestion – a typical Ericksonian paradox.

Realidades Hipnoticas: Collected Works Volume 10 is also part of The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson, MD. After two generations, ‘Hypnotic Realities’ remains an original source for understanding the essential contribution of Milton H. Erickson to the therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and studies of consciousness in vogue. Also, Ericksonian professionals will find that this book has answers to questions that they wish they had asked Dr. Erickson.


Books Available through Zeig, Tucker & Theisen

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Viviendo A Erickson: Una Introductión Al Hombre Y Su Trabajo is a personal account of Dr. Zeig’s personal experiences with Erickson, and to give readers an understanding of the attitudes and methods he used to help his patients. His inventions were a result of the coping techniques he used to moderate pain and disabilities resulting from his childhood polio. The struggle against his deficiencies made a unique mixture of inventiveness, flexibility, ingenuity, cunning, and improvisation, an unorthodox style, which have created a model of psychotherapy.

10 Mandamientos para Parejas para Cada Aspecto De Su Relación is a book where 70 professionals who regularly help couples with their relationship problems were asked to create ten ground rules that every couple needs. Each set of “commandments” deals with something essential, from general areas such as making your relationship last or staying connected to more specific challenges like rekindling passion, dealing with infertility, or financial problems. Once digested, they can be internalized as “commandments,” commandments that will enrich your primary relationships.

Don D. Jackson: Del Amanecer De Una Era was a pioneer and motivated the field of family therapy when individual therapy was the norm. It fostered the development of short-term therapy in a world where long-term therapy was the standard. He made significant contributions to the treatment of schizophrenia when most viewed the problem as hopeless. This book gives you the opportunity to meddle yourselves with Jackson’s contributions.

El Insight Puede Causar Ceguera is about Paul Watzlawick, who is among the best-known figures in the fields of communication theory, constructivist theory, and family therapy, and brief therapy. Dr. Watzlawick’s contributions to the interactional view of human behavior are numerous, profound, and among the most influential and widely read.

El Habito de una Vida Feliz is a book where authors Zeig and Neehall challenge the readers to break free from the destructive habits that keep us from getting the best of life and to harness this energy to create new and better ways of thinking and behaving.


Audio & Video Through the Erickson Foundation Store

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Erickson Streaming Video Collection – Spanish is a video collection with a selection of case videos of Dr. Erickson. These case videos are from the Erickson Foundation Archives that gives viewers a glimpse into the methods he used to help his patients followed by annotations from Dr. Zeig in each video.

Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis and Therapy: Trabajando con la Resistencia is a demonstration that Dr. Erickson conducted at a teaching seminar. Dr. Erickson and Dr. Zeig spent 5 hours reviewing the demo and it is now available as a training video for Ericksonian therapists. Methods used in the demo were the symbolic use of hypnotic phenomena, encouraging resistance, the naturalistic confusion technique, seeding, and the use of isomorphic anecdotes.

El Arte De Milton H. Erickson, M.D. is a video of a therapy session with two clients, Monde and Nick. The therapy session is done in two parts, the first part with Monde as the primary patient and Nick as the secondary patient and the second part includes where the primary and secondary roles are reversed between Monde and Nick.

We are grateful our products and presence have reached the Spanish communities and we hope you find this resource guide helpful for navigating through our Spanish-translated products. You can view all the Spanish products here.



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