TranceForming Ericksonian Methods


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Camillo Loriedo, Jeffrey Zeig & Giorgio Nardone

“The content turns out to be both substantive and relatively dense. A lot is covered in relatively few pages. Much of what is discussed not only clarifies Ericksonian theory and practice but also is thought provoking. In order to thoroughly grasp what is being conveyed, the reader must actively think through the implications of the content….efforts such as this book will contribute to a greater degree of balance by facilitating therapeutic practice that incorporates the creative, interpersonal, and experiential elements of clinical work that were the hallmarks of Ericksonian treatment.”

The syncretic evolution of their approaches implies a synthesis of different psychotherapeutic traditions: the Palo Alto School and the pragmatics of communication; the pure Ericksonian approach; the evolution of medical hypnosis; the application of experimental hypnosis and the rigorous hypnotic stratagems in brief therapy. TranceForming Ericksonian Methods is not only a treatise on hypnosis and hypnotic therapies. “It is also an innovative contribution to psychotherapy, because it summarizes and combines different renowned and appraised models of therapeutic intervention.”