Milton Erickson Lives!


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Milton Erickson Lives! A PERSONAL ENCOUNTER by Peter NemetschekMilton H. Erickson Lives has the feel of an impressionist painting. In its details and broad strokes, the book brings to life a time long ago that has natural resonance in this time. The book focuses on an unusual man—from the perspective of an unusual man. Original transcripts, rare photographs, and the special tone and palette of memory draw the reader into the vivid experience of what is being described.

It was an exciting moment for Milton Erickson and those who surrounded him, a moment of great creativity, intellectual explosion, paradigm-shifting investigation— a moment that continues to reverberate powerfully beyond the parameters of that specific period. Peter Nemetschek, himself an esteemed family therapist, was there. His recall is fresh, while he writes from a distance, too: the passion of youth and the breadth of maturity—both come through in the pages of this book. Erickson’s core wisdom—and the myriad applications that unfolded from it—are unassailable. The original transcript material continues to instruct and inspire. Brief biography provides connection to the heart of the man inside the master. This is a warm, colorful and thoughtful addition to the literature.