Creating Consciousness


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Creating Consciousness
How Therapists Can Facilitate Wonder, Wisdom, Truth & BeautySelected Papers of Ernest Lawrence Rossi
Volume 2, 2006-2011
Edited by Kathryn Lane RossiBuilding upon the foundation laid in The Breakout Heuristic (see page 15) Ernest Rossi boldly confronts the essential questions about what is it that makes us human:

  • What is consciousness?
  • How do we create consciousness?
  • How do we facilitate enlightened consciousness in our daily work?

Rossi first presents core neuroscience research detailing how novelty, enrichment, and the “wonder” of metacognition turns on activity-dependent gene expression and brain plasticity to grow a better brain—in everyday life as well as the arts, culture, humanities, and sciences. Next, experience actual case histories and scripts detailing how we create new consciousness with the 4-stage creative process in our daily work.

This richly illustrated book is a brilliant extension of what it means to be a psychotherapist who creates new consciousness, with profound implications for understanding the struggles and positive
possibilities of the human condition during war, work, peace, and enlightenment.