If you have any questions or problems, please email us at class.info@erickson-foundation.org

About the Class:

The Interactive Master Class course will be held at 10am MST – Arizona on Sundays.

You can use the following site to figure out the time difference between time zones worldwide – https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

The class will be 2 hours in duration, from 10am-12pm. The first hour will be Dr. Jeffrey Zeig conducting a live demo session. The second hour will be Dr. Jeffrey Zeig’s commentary and discussion of the session.

How to Connect:

Each Friday prior to class, instructions on how to connect to our Zoom channel will be sent via email. If you do not see an email, please contact webmaster@erickson-foundation.org. Please make sure to add this email address to your contact list to prevent it from being kept in your spam filter.

Here is an updated step-by-step guide to help prepare you for the Zoom sessions – https://www.erickson-foundation.org/download/handouts/Guide-on-Connecting-to-the-IMC-v2.pdf

Class Procedures and Reminders:

  1. During the class time, everyone will be muted upon entering the Zoom classroom. Please turn off your own video as well. Only Dr. Zeig and the demo subject will have video and audio turned on. 
  2. Once you join the room, please make sure that your name is displayed correctly, and enter the number 1 into the general chat area. This will be used to verify your attendance.
    Click here for a Zoom guide on how to access the chat.
  3. Please make sure that your audio and video are muted during the class. This helps keep the class going smoothly, and ensures the best quality recording.
  4. For the second hour’s discussion, you may write your questions into the general chat area. Please direct all questions to Dr. Zeig, and not the demo subject. We will select questions from here for Dr. Zeig to respond to.
  5. We will record the entire class and make the video available to be reviewed online later. Please do not record these sessions. A day or two after each session concludes, we will send out the link and password to view the video on our Vimeo channel.
  6. If you don’t receive our emails on weekly basis, please check your spam/junk mailbox. If you’re still having trouble receiving our messages, feel free to contact us at webmaster@erickson-foundation.org, and we will assist you.

Here’s a guide on how to complete these procedures – https://www.erickson-foundation.org/download/handouts/Guide-on-Connecting-to-the-IMC-v2.pdf

Class Recordings:

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation will record each class. Please do not record these classes. The following Tuesday after each class, we will send out a follow-up email that contains a link to the video, as well as a transcript and any other handouts for the course.


Troubleshooting and Guides:

For help getting acquainted with the Zoom platform, please check out their step-by-step video guides here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials