Looking for a therapist?

An Erickson Institute nearest you would know therapists who practice Ericksonian methods in your area! Check from the list below.

Erickson Institutes

All over the world, Erickson Institutes advance Dr. Erickson’s teachings in their respective geographical areas. Erickson Institutes are professional groups that have obtained permission from the Foundation to use Milton H. Erickson’s name in the title of their organizations. They are directed by professionals that have met the Foundation’s eligibility requirements, received high recommendation from affiliated professionals, and demonstrated knowledge of Ericksonian methods. The Foundation Board of Directors reviews each Institute application to ensure that they uphold the required standards.

If you are an Institute and do not see your organization on this list, please email us with updated information.



Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Portugal – Zona Norte

Contact: Agostinho Almeida
School Rua Oliveira Monteiro, 148-Hab. 11 4050-438 Porto Portugal Website: www.erickson-portugal.org

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Puebla

School Cerrada de Tulipanes 52 Col. Ex Hacienda de Morillotla San Andrés Cholula Puebla 72810 Mexico Work Phone: 52 1 222 547 0902 Website: www.terapia.net
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Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Recife

Home Av. Joao de Barros, 1527. Sala 204 Edf. Empresarial Phoenix Espinheiro Recife PE 52021-180 Brazil Work Phone: 55-81-3091-9468

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Reus

Contact: Daniela-Mihaela Constantin
School Calle Martí Napolita, 4. Reus Tarragona 43201 Spain Work Phone: 0034 663 709 227 Website: www.institutoericksonreus.com

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Ribeirao Preto

Work ​Rua Adolfo Serra 1414 Ribeirao Preto SP Brazil Work Phone: ​(16) 98122-9611 Website: www.miltonericksonrp.com.br/instituto

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de San Luis Potosi

Work Calle Napoles 264 Las Mercedes San Luis Potosi S.L.P. CP 78394 Mexico Work Phone: 52 01 444 183 9361 Website: https://%20

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Santiago

School Marchant Pereira 550 Providencia Santiago Chile Work Phone: 56 2 23414572 Website: www.institutoerickson.cl

Instituto Milton H. Erickson de Tijuana

School Calle Sacramento No. 4473-3 Fraccionamiento Las Palmas Tijuana Baja California 22650 Mexico Work Phone: 01152 (664) 6080726

Instituto Milton H. Erickson do Rio de Janeiro

Work Praia do Flamengo, 278- Flamengo Rio de Janeiro RJ 22210-030 Brazil Work Phone: 55 21 2551-1032 Website: www.imerj.med.br

Instituto Milton H. Erickson Lomas Verdes

School Circuito Médicos 17-402 Ciudad Satélite Naucalpan Edo. Mex. 53100 Mexico Work Phone: (52) 55 53435766 Website: www.institutomiltonerickson.mx

Instituto Milton H. Erickson Vale de Aco

Home Av. Japao, 967 Cariru Ipatinga MG 35160-119 Brazil Work Phone: 55-31-9991-4308

Instituto Milton H.Erickson do Espírito Santo

School Bairro de Lourdes Rua Santa Rita de Cássia nº 129 Vitória 29042-753 Brazil Work Phone: 55(27) 33231617 Website: www.institutomiltonerickson-es.com
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Instituto Milton Hyland Erickson de Brasília

School SEPS 707/907 – Ed. San Marino, salas 227/228 Asa Sul Brasilia DF 70390-078 Brazil Work Phone: 55(61)4101-5087 Website: www.imhedf.com.br

Italian School of Hypnosis and Ericksonian Psycotherapy

School Viale Regina Margherita 269 ROME ITALY 198 Italy Work Phone: +39 06 8548205 Website: www.scuolaipnosi.org

L’Institut Milton H. Erickson D’Avignon-Provence

School B.P. 82 Vaison la Romaine 84110 France Work Phone: 33-490-36-19-31 Website: www.hypnose-clinique.com/

L’Institut Milton H. Erickson de la Ville de Quebec

School 646 Rene Levesque Quebec City Que GG1S 1S8 Canada Work Phone: T418-681-8545 Work Fax: F 418-681-3435
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L’Institut Milton H. Erickson de Nord de la France

Home 59, Boulevard Pater Valenciennes France 59300 Work Phone: 33-62-49-80-40-4 Website: www.espacedupossible.org

L’Institut Milton H. Erickson de Normande

School 33, rue de Beaunay Bihorel 76420 France Work Phone: 06 72 93 81 62 Website: http://www.hypnose-normande.fr/

L’Institut Milton H. Erickson du Quebec, Inc.

School 33 chemin Beaudette Canton-de-Hatley Quebec J0B 2C0 Canada Work Phone: 819-842-4549 Website: www.ericksonquebec.org

L’Institut Milton H. Erickson du Rhone

School 21, place Jules Grandclément Villeurbanne 69100 France Work Phone: 33-4-72-65-62-46 Website: www.imher.fr

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