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An Erickson Institute nearest you would know therapists who practice Ericksonian methods in your area! Check from the list below.

Erickson Institutes

All over the world, Erickson Institutes advance Dr. Erickson’s teachings in their respective geographical areas. Erickson Institutes are professional groups that have obtained permission from the Foundation to use Milton H. Erickson’s name in the title of their organizations. They are directed by professionals that have met the Foundation’s eligibility requirements, received high recommendation from affiliated professionals, and demonstrated knowledge of Ericksonian methods. The Foundation Board of Directors reviews each Institute application to ensure that they uphold the required standards.

If you are an Institute and do not see your organization on this list, please email us with updated information.


Instituto de Psicologia Milton H. Erickson Juiz de Fora

Contact: Suzana Maria de Paula
School Av. Barao de Rio Branco, 2872 Sala 507 Centro Centro Juiz de Fora MG 36016-311 Brazil Work Phone: 55 32 3215-2171 Website: www.hipnoseericksonianajf.com.br