Genius and Joy

Ernest Lawrence Rossi

26 March 1933 – 19 September 2020

Written by Kathryn Rossi, PhD

Four years ago Ernest and I discussed where he wanted his ashes scattered. He chose a remote place below the cliffs where a vigorous punchbowl of water empties into the open ocean. It is very private and is a difficult, dangerous and challenging trek to this special place. Not many people have the stamina or physical ability to experience its magnificence. I may have been a goat in a previous life to successfully negotiate the wet cliff perils to satisfy Ernie’s desire to be free to sail the seven seas.

Saying goodbye can be like saying hello. Honor Ernest in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. Honor him by living in the present moment. Honor him by opening up yourself to more and more love. Honor him by learning and sharing something new.

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