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      The Erickson Streaming Video Collection is a project started by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation in 2020. Over the decades, the Foundation has amassed a large collection of videos of the late Milton Erickson, MD practicing psychotherapy. Dr. Jeffrey Zeig and the crew at the Foundation are working to digitize and highlight important segments from Dr. Erickson’s teachings and provide them here. Our goal is to provide high quality Ericksonian content to keep Dr. Erickson’s innovative psychotherapy approaches alive through short- and long- form videos. In each of the cases presented, Dr. Jeffrey Zeig explains the techniques Erickson demonstrated.

Erickson and Zeig

Dr. Jeffrey Zeig’s first impression of Milton Erickson in 1973:

“I was seeing someone who I felt had mastered life under really difficult circumstances. It was really hard for him to get dressed, hard for him to eat, hard for him to do some of the common things that are so natural for all of us. And he was transcending his limitations, his pain to talk with me about life and about being a better Jeff Zeig.”

New Release

Smoking Cessation

A client asks Erickson to help him stop smoking tobacco. Rather than using a formula, Erickson tailors a treatment approach to both address underlying problems and elicit resources.

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Featured Videos

Hypnosis with a
Naive Subject

Erickson works hypnotically with a naive subject. He demonstrates the use of arousal state and destabilizing methods. Hypnosis can stimulate resources into play that can promote adaptive living.

List Price: $49.95

Orientation to Sexual Development

In this video, Dr. Milton Erickson describes sexual development — from infancy to adulthood, with a focus on male sexual maturation. As Erickson’s ... see more

List Price: $19.95

Orientation to Sexual Development Part 2

In Part 2 of Dr. Erickson’s Orientation to Sexual Development, Milton Erickson continues his interesting lecture about the natural developmental ... see more

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Conquering Phobias through Ericksonian Therapy

Using both hypnotherapy and strategic directives, Erickson works with a woman who has a phobia of a flying in a plane.

However, using his wisdom to identify the underlying problem, his solution to this common problem may be different than you would ... see more

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Strategic Multicultural Psychotherapy

Milton Erickson often advised psychotherapy students to study anthropology so that therapy could be provided from the perspective of the cultural background of the client.

The case involves a teenage boy with speech difficulties. After analyzing the boy and taking into account ... see more

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A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson
Part 1: Seeding a Theme

In part one of A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson – Seeding a Theme, you will witness Erickson seamlessly planting a seed, connecting the dots, developing a theme, and closing the loop in one class period.

List price: $29.95

A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson
Part 2: Lessons Through Arm Levitation

In part two of A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson, you will witness how Erickson carefully observed and utilized a student’s non-verbal behaviors to developing a trance experience using arm levitation while simultaneously interacting to teach other students.

List Price: $29.95

A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson
Part 3: Tailoring Experiential Education

In part three of a Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson, we continue the development of trance experience in the primary subject. You will encounter the experiential teaching method for which Erickson was renowned.

List price: $29.95

A Teaching Seminar with Milton Erickson
Part 4: The Power of Utilization in Psychotherapy

In this video, you will learn Erickson’s process for creating a tailored intervention for clients with body image problems. His nonverbal methods evoke adaptive responses and elicit lasting change.

List price: $29.95

Approach to Cancer Pain

This video features three separate cases, but all demonstrate Erickson’s fundamental method of utilization. Utilization is the foundation of solutions to all problems, and it is a philosophy of living which was central Erickson’s life and work as a therapist.

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A Case of Anorexia

Here you will see Erickson’s unusual way of treating anorexia. Erickson described himself as a person who has an iron fist, but a velvet glove. He knew when it was right to be firm, to be disciplined, and even to be assertive in work with a client.

List price: $29.95

Three Cases of Trauma

This video presents three cases dealing primarily with trauma. And in each of these cases, there is hidden meaning. Erickson demonstrates how to take “extraneous” information provided by the client, and insightfully extrapolate the true meaning for therapeutic effect.

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About the Erickson Streaming Video Collection

     Milton H. Erickson, MD, had a challenging physical life. He was a brilliant and capable man stuck in body ravaged by disease and deterioration. He endured chronic pain and myriad physical ailments, including muscle weakness and deterioration. But despite his pain and despite his limitations, Erickson dedicated his life to helping others deal with their problems, and he devoted himself to passing along his knowledge and expertise through teaching. He was the quintessential Wounded Healer.


    In the following video, Erickson focuses on body dysmorphia. This is a prime example of how he took what he gleaned from his own life experience and applied it to help others:

Where can I learn more?

We have a collection of excerpts from these Erickson videos available on our YouTube channel. In these videos from the Milton H. Erickson Foundation’s archives you will see Erickson in action, demonstrating his innovative therapeutic techniques. He was greatly limited physically, but a powerful and pragmatic force mentally, able to promote dramatic and lasting change in his clients.

Please enjoy these complimentary videos, a gift provided by Milton Erickson and the Erickson Foundation.

Strategic Psychotherapy for Weight Control

     The cases in this first video are about strategic psychotherapy. Erickson had two parts – a hypnotic part and a strategic part. The hypnotic part would use formal hypnosis. The strategic part was hypnotherapy without trance. To know Erickson is to know both parts. In this short excerpt, you’ll see two cases of strategic psychotherapy, both concerning weight control.

Awakening Through Auto-Hypnosis

In this clip, Milton Erickson talks about his approach to auto-hypnosis. There is a value in activating unconscious processes within clients, or even ourselves. There are dormant resources within us — that we may not realize that we have — which can be activated to provide us with new appraisals on situations we face.

Utilizing Ordeal Therapy for Insomnia

We are highly influenced by social variables, psychological variables, and contextual variables. We don’t need to limit ourselves to talking just about psychological issues — we can talk about temporal issues, perceptual issues, body-oriented issues. There are many ways to enter into a clients system. In this particular case, Dr. Erickson is going to use an ordeal with a case of insomnia. In this brief case, you will really see who Milton Erickson was. It’s interesting to see how Erickson handles this case in person.

The Art of Redirection

This video excerpt is from one day of these teaching seminars. In this clip Dr. Erickson demonstrates how we has able to create a practical solution for a family whose daughter had issues with uncontrollable tantrums. By involving the daughter to participate in her own therapy, Dr. Erickson was able to help her understand how to redirect her energy to a more useful outcome.

The Power of Utilization in Psychotherapy

Join Milton Erickson at his teaching seminar in the late 1970s. You will encounter his innovative teaching methods prompting students to activate their utilization skills. Learn Erickson’s process for creating memorable interventions with clients overly concerned about body image. Encounter his method of using nonverbal methods to evoke adaptive responses. Introduction and annotations by Jeff Zeig, Erickson Foundation Director.

Strategic Multicultural Psychotherapy

Milton Erickson often advised psychotherapy students to study anthropology so that therapy could be provided from the perspective of the cultural background of the client. In our most recent addition to the Erickson Streaming Video Collection, Erickson uses his understanding of cultural orientation when working with an adolescent. The case involves a teenage boy with speech difficulties. After analyzing the boy and taking into account his multicultural background, Erickson was able to identify and devise a solution to the boy’s speech issues.

The Core Competencies

     Ericksonian therapy is broadly classified as any goal-oriented, problem-solving endeavor grounded in methodology inspired by the teachings and casework of Milton H. Erickson, MD. More specifically, Ericksonian therapy is defined as an experiential, phenomenologically based approach to problem solving that utilizes existing client attributes, while evoking natural processes of learning and adaptation. We can break Ericksonian therapy down into six core competencies, which can be defined as a series of foundational principles for practitioners and institutes seeking mastery in Ericksonian therapy.

  • Tailoring
  • Utilization
  • Strategic
  • Destabilization
  • Experiential
  • Naturalistic

To learn more about the Core Competencies of Ericksonian Therapy, please visit this page.

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