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The Erickson Historic Residence is an important part of Dr. Erickson’s past and offers guests a unique glimpse into the professional and personal life of the psychotherapy master.

In 1948, Milton Erickson and his family made the move from Eloise, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona as he was told the warm and dry climate would be good for his health. Erickson spent the last decade of his life with his wife, Elizabeth Erickson at the modest ranch-style home on Hayward Avenue.

The residence on Hayward Avenue was surrounded by the tranquil desert landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. It included a main house and a guest house, also referred to as the “little house”. The residence was tailored to Dr. Erickson’s mobility and was filled with rails, ramps, and handicap accommodations.

Dr. Erickson used the residence to conduct his private practice, spend time writing, and held many notable teaching seminars. He would also generously invite many students, who went on to become intellectual heirs, to stay in the guest house at no charge.

After Erickson’s passing, Mrs. Erickson continued to live in the Hayward Residence until her passing in 2008. In 2010, we, the Erickson Foundation purchased the residence and put a plan into action to preserve it and establish a museum honoring Dr. and Mrs. Erickson and their contributions to the fields of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. This resulted in this location being known as the Erickson Historic Residence.

The Erickson Historic Residence allows guests to take tours through the house and peer into Erickson’s history and his professional and personal life. Throughout the house, there is memorabilia and unique and significant items that have been donated by family members. Dr. Jeffrey Zeig has also gifted several items from Mrs. Erickson and the Erickson family. You can also view items that were given to Erickson by admirers, colleagues, and patients of his.

While touring, you will be guided by one of Dr. Erickson’s sons, Robert Erickson. Each room is significant, and you will be left with great knowledge of the Erickson family and the impactful presence he left on everyone that crossed paths with him. You’ll be able to see his office, where the remarkable teaching seminars took place, and where all the psychotherapy magic happened.

We have strived to keep Erickson’s spirit and legacy alive by preserving this historic residence. Our hope is all visitors to this special place will have an incredible experience. Below is a personal video from Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, speaking about the Erickson Historic Residence and how you can help preserve Dr. Erickson’s legacy. To learn more about the Erickson Historic Residence and to support our work by donating today, please visit: http://www.miltonerickson.org/




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