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Psychologist Jan Crawford’s fascinating and candid quest to find her rightful place and make peace with her family begins with opening her heart and mind to understand the connection between all that came before, and all that will come in future generations.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – April 8, 2013 – In The Disorderly Soul, Jan Crawford first pays homage to her teacher and mentor, Bert Hellinger, and to Hellinger facilitators, including Suzi Tucker and her Guided Learning in New York City. Crawford then describes constellation work in which a client may give a brief description of a family issue and participants are asked to step into a circle to play the role of a family member, person, or entity related to that issue. Through this interaction, a client may have a spiritual or emotional awakening that is different than the story they have told themselves and accepted as their fate. Their story most likely has also imprisoned them in a broken life. This was the story of Jan Crawford, and her most recent book, The Disorderly Soul, is an account of her brave journey to heal childhood wounds through the same methods she uses to heal others. Like many who feel disconnected from their families, Crawford first had a family history to examine before she could even attempt to understand, forgive, and reconcile. Fortunately, with Mormonism in her lineage (Mormons kept fastidious records), which Crawford sees as both a blessing and a curse, she discovered detailed records of relatives and ancestors, giving her a glimpse into their personal lives, including their hardships. There was poverty, destitution, violence, grueling work, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, depression and anxiety, and often times little education. Yet, by learning of these struggles and the fragility of her family, Crawford takes the first step in healing, especially in her relationship with her mother, which is by far the most significant relationship in the book. It’s probably no coincidence Crawford comes full circle in her relationships with her family and that constellation work itself involves stepping into a circle to heal one’s life.

Honest, powerful, and emotionally and spiritually uplifting, The Disorderly Soul is a courageous voyage of self-discovery and becoming whole within one’s family lineage. Jan Crawford practices what she preaches and her life story is the best example of how constellation work can begin the process of healing.

A former psychoanalyst, Jan Crawford is a graduate of the International Trauma Studies Program of New York University.  Currently, she supervises health professionals training in Somatic Experiencing psychosomatic trauma work for the Foundation for Human Enrichment. Strongly influenced and mentored by Bert Hellinger, she also is certified in systemic family constellation work by Bert Hellinger, USA, and Hellinger Sciencia, Germany.

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