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The Artistry of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Alex Vesely: How did you get to meet Dr. Erickson?

Herb Lustig: The first time I met Dr. Erickson was 41 years ago.

In the summer of 1973, I had just finished my training in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, and had started a private psychiatric practice. That fall, I took a weekly course in hypnosis, sponsored by a local psychiatric hospital. One day, the focus was on Milton Erickson. Alexander Yanovsky, Jay Haley, and Kay Thompson all talked about Milton Erickson, and each of them described a totally different man. At the Child Guidance Clinic we had had a seminar that highlighted Milton Erickson and his strategic therapy. But when that day’s course was completed, I was perplexed. ‘Who is the real Milton Erickson?’ After having heard these three people, all of whom knew Milton well, describe three different Milton Ericksons, I decided to find out for myself who Milton Erickson was.

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The Milton Erickson Foundation has a number of archival projects for which volunteers are needed. The consist of viewing and indexing historical videos. The work must be done in Phoenix at our Thomas offices during business hours. In return students will earn credits that can be used for attending Erickson Foundation training events.

Please contact Marnie, and indicate when you can start.

Hello to All:

Here’s a special opportunity. . .

Lilian Borges, Jeffrey Zeig and Brent Geary will offer an Online Consultation Course limited to 15 participants. (The class is also open to those who have attended the first online consultation class and wish to continue.) The format will include lecture, supervision, Q&A, Power Point, and clips of video for discussion. Topics will be decided by consensus, but emphasis will be on expanding and practicing skills in Ericksonian hypnotherapy as taught during the Intensive Training workshops here in Phoenix.

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