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Psychologist Jan Crawford’s fascinating and candid quest to find her rightful place and make peace with her family begins with opening her heart and mind to understand the connection between all that came before, and all that will come in future generations.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – April 8, 2013 – In the The Disorderly Soul, Jan Crawford first pays homage to her teacher and mentor, Bert Hellinger and to Hellinger facilitators, including Suzi Tucker and her Guided Learning in New York City. Crawford then describes constellation work in which a client may give a brief description of a family issue and participants are asked to step into a circle to play the role of a family member, person, or entity related to that issue. Through this interaction, a client may have a spiritual or emotional awakening that is different than the story they have told themselves and accepted as their fate. Their story most likely has also imprisoned them in a broken life. This was the story of Jan Crawford, and her most recent book, The Disorderly Soul, is an account of her brave journey to heal childhood wounds through the same methods she uses to heal others. Like many who feel disconnected with their families, Crawford first had a family history to examine before she could even attempt to understand, forgive and reconcile. Fortunately, with Mormonism in her lineage (Mormons kept fastidious records), which Crawford sees as both a blessing and a curse, she discovered detailed records of relatives and ancestors, giving her a glimpse into their personal lives, including their hardships. There was poverty, destitution, violence, grueling work, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, depression and anxiety and often times little education. Yet, by learning of these struggles and the fragility of her family, Crawford takes the first step in healing, especially in her relationship with her mother, which is by far the most significant relationship in the book. It’s probably no coincidence Crawford comes full circle in her relationships with her family and that constellation work itself involves stepping into a circle to heal one’s life.

Honest, powerful, and emotionally and spiritually uplifting, The Disorderly Soul is a courageous voyage of self-discovery and becoming whole within one’s family lineage. Jan Crawford practices what she preaches and her life story is the best example of how constellation work can begin the process of healing.

A former psychoanalyst, Jan Crawford is a graduate of the International Trauma Studies Program of New York University.  Currently, she supervises health professionals training in Somatic Experiencing psychosomatic trauma work for the Foundation for Human Enrichment. Strongly influenced and mentored by Bert Hellinger, she also is certified in systemic family constellation work by Bert Hellinger, USA and Hellinger Sciencia, Germany.

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The Milton H. Erickson Foundation honors both Dr. Erickson and donors with grand opening celebration.

 PHOENIX, Ariz. – October 8, 2012 – In celebration of its new headquarters and to honor Dr. Erickson and patrons who have donated generously, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation will hold a grand opening reception on October 11th, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

Incorporated more than 30 years ago, the Erickson Foundation was established to promote and advance the contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton H. Erickson, M.D. (1901-1980) who was a seminal force and pioneer in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Dr. Erickson lived and worked in Phoenix for many years and was the archetypical Wounded Healer who was stricken with polio at an early age and then suffered post-polio syndrome in his mid-fifties. However, he rose above his maladies to heal many with physical and mental pain. Dr. Erickson has been called “the father of hypnosis” and is best known for his use of hypnosis and utilization. He believed in the power of the subconscious and maintained that it was always positive, creative, and solution-generated. He also used an approach he coined as “Brief Therapy,” in which therapeutic changes could be made in relatively short sessions.

The Milton Erickson Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to training and educating behavioral health and medical professionals through large conferences, programs, workshops, a newsletter, webcasting, social media, and archives. Since its inception, the Foundation has operated out of modest ‘40s style bungalows in central Phoenix. In August of this year the Foundation moved to 2632 E. Thomas Road. The new location has allowed for the expansion of Foundation’s rich archives and will serve as a global destination for Ericksonian practitioners. It also is home to the Foundation Press, a strong publishing arm for the educational activities of the Foundation.

Every three years the Foundation hosts the International Congress in Ericksonian Approaches to Psychotherapy in Phoenix. The first Congress was held in 1980 and the most recent in December 2011.

Through the contributions of many donors and support from Friends of the Foundation, the Milton H. Erickson Foundation has begun a new chapter in its growth and is further committed to excellence in education and to preserving the legacy of Milton H. Erickson.

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Internationally-recognized as elder healers, psychotherapists and authors, Brad and Hillary Keeney, also known as “The Mojo Doctors,” invite therapists to open their hearts and journey back in time to discover ancient and spiritual forms of healing.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – March 16, 2012 – In their most recent book, Circular Therapeutics, Brad and Hillary Keeney encourage therapists to let go and free themselves from the “imprisonment of any and all models of therapy” and instead become wisdom-based practitioners with healing hearts. Through circular therapeutics, utilization, and improvisation, the Keeneys demonstrate how diverse wisdom traditions can positively impact clinical practice and offer help in restoring one’s “mojo” (a metaphor for the heart of healing –inner resources, gifts and wisdom) to revitalize the therapeutic process. Although written to influence behavioral health professionals, Circular Therapeutics is entertaining, refreshing light and readable and appeals to a wide audience including those who have an interest in traditional healing and cybernetics.

Brad Keeney is the author of several books on psychotherapy and the transformative arts including: Profiles of Healing, Bushman Shaman: Awakening the Spirit Through Ecstatic Dance, Shaking Medicine: The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement, and The Creative Therapist: The Art of Awakening a Session. While on sabbatical in Africa, Keeney learned from traditional healers including the Bushmen who practice the oldest form of wisdom-based healing. His biography, American Shaman: An Odyssey of Global Healing Traditions, written by Jeffrey Kottler and Jon Carlson, won a 2004 Best Spiritual Book Award from Spirituality and Health magazine. Mentored by Gregory Bateson and Heinz von Foerster, the founders of cybernetics, Keeney’s therapeutic practice and books reflect their strong influence.

Hillary Keeney studied Zen Buddhism before taking up residency at the Zen Center of Los Angeles. She later served as a Frederick P. Lenz Residential Fellow for the study of American Buddhism at Naropa University. She is a salsa dance and poet and has taught gender studies, multiculturalism, and creative transformation. Together, the Keeneys created “The Mojo Doctors,” located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which offers training in traditional healing practices. (

Reflecting its ideology, Circular Therapeutics goes full circle, beginning with the history of traditional healing, into an introduction into circular therapy and circular poetics. Then takes the reader into the core principles of cybernetic epistemology, to the healing crossroads of change, and through the door to the other side where one can begin their own journey toward embracing a healer’s heart.

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“This fantastic book is a much needed contribution capable of transforming the entire thinking and practice of therapy! Our profession is headed toward “scientific delirium madness” if we do not embrace what the Keeney’s tell us about finding the healing heart of therapy. They teach us how to bring transformational creative magic – authentic mojo – into every therapy session. Bravo!”

Stephen R. Lankton, LCSW, DAHB Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and author of clinical books including The Answer Within, Practical Magic, and Tools of Intention.

 “Circular Therapeutics is a magical book written by authentic traditional healers who have impeccable scholarship. Like an extraordinary painting, this book helps you invent a life that escapes the bondage of theory, narrative, and meaning. It is much needed medicine for therapists, healers, and anyone interested in the art of helping others change. I celebrate its circular poetics and therapeutics of the heart!”

Paul Trachtman Former Science Editor of Smithsonian Magazine

“Hillary and Brad Keeney have written one of the best psychotherapy books of recent years.  The writing passionately, yet clearly, calls us to find the disciplined flow of being true healers in this soul-deadening time. It carries the wisdom of the ages with cutting-edge developments.  I most highly recommend it!”

Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. Psychologist and Author, Hero’s Journey and The Courage to Love

“Circular Therapeutics sets all schools of therapy on their collective heads in order to get to the goal of clinical work – healing. Lavishly illustrated with case examples and charming little ‘interludes’ between chapters, we find a clear meeting of heart and mind. Here is found the cybernetics, poetics, Zen, and healing of therapeutic transformation. Clearly a book to read, set aside, and then read again as it teaches, intrigues, and satisfies.”

Betty Alice Erickson, M.A., Former Editor in Chief of the Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter and author, Hope and Resiliency and Milton H. Erickson: M.D.: An American Healer.

“Offering a unique perspective to the practice of change, the one-of-a-kind duo of Hillary and Brad Keeney lead us inside the path of transformative circularity where we find ourselves heir to the oldest healing traditions. Circular Therapeutics holds the wisdom that can change the profession of psychotherapy. It is destined to be a classic that every therapist must read!”

Pedro Vargas Avalos Director of Clinical Psychology Graduate Programs University of Mexico