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By Angela Z. Wu, MFT


Lisa is a 32-year-old single Chinese woman living in Shanghai who has been seeing me for six months via Zoom (online chat like Skype). Two years ago, she discovered that both of her parents were having affairs. Soon after, her periods ceased and she began to get headaches.

Lisa’s parents treated her like a boy, and this angered her, as the little girl inside her yearned to be loved and treated like a girl. In therapy, we did a lot of active imagination so that Lisa could take care of that little girl; love, and mother her. She also met a trustworthy man — her acupuncturist – who played a role in her recovery. → Read more

By Marnie McGann

Milestones in life are often reached by a number, more specifically, one’s age in decades. Turning 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 and beyond all resonate as if we are passing through an invisible wall and stepping into a new realm of maturity with another decade of life experience under our belt. We join those on “the other side” and hope that the new decade serves us well.

This year, Jeff Zeig passed through another invisible wall when he turned 70 on November 6th. In each decade of his life, he continues to grow and share his wealth of knowledge and experience; his 70s will be no exception. And despite his many accomplishments, he humbly and gracefully continues to offer guidance through therapy and training. At the Foundation, he is our fearless leader, treating all staff members with kindness and respect. He is the Founder and Director of The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, which will reach its own milestone in 2019 when we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. It has been nearly 40 years since Jeff commenced the organization of the first of many conferences – a Congress held in December 1980. Since then, he has been the architect of the Couples Conference, the Brief Therapy Conference, the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, and the Intensives training in Phoenix, held in consecutive weeks three times throughout the year. → Read more


Contact: Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD Director: The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Telephone: 602-956-6196 Cell Phone: 602-684-1918 Web site: Email:

Location: Anaheim Venue: Convention Center, Anaheim Hilton, and Marriott Dates: December 13-17, 2017


International experts assemble to describe state-of-the-art methods used to solve problems in behavioral health and relationships.

This conference is an unparalleled opportunity for interviews and in-depth coverage of the problems that challenge contemporary culture, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and marital problems. Faculty members are authors who are commonly featured on national media. They have written some of the most important, best-selling books that appear on self-help and professional bookshelves worldwide. → Read more

Participants in this online seminar will view historical videos of master therapists treating clients. Jeffrey Zeig will discuss their methods and indicate applications for improving clinical practice. The 90-minute class will be interactive. Students should view the hour-long videos prior to the class.

Experts to be featured: Carl Rogers, Carl Whitaker, Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, Erving Polster, Robert and Mary Goulding, Otto Kernberg, Zerka Moreno, Sue Johnson, and Jeffrey Zeig. → Read more

 The purpose of the consultation class is to provide a small-group interactive experience for experienced therapists who want to learn advanced techniques of Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis. The format will consist of lectures, demonstrations, case discussions, and experiential exercises. Attendees will improve their competence in Ericksonian theory and practice.

Enrollment is limited to 24 participants. Prerequisites include Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced Intensives in Phoenix, and licensed health professionals. Classes are held monthly for 6 months. → Read more

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Canoe Diary

Shortly after graduating from high school, Milton Erickson developed polio and hovered near death. Three years later, in June 1922 he undertook from his home in Wisconsin a canoe trip down the Mississippi River the purpose of which was to improve his strength and health. The canoe trip ended on August 1922, and Erickson accomplished his mission.

Milton H Erickson Foundation now makes the entire canoe diary available in its original form. From this document students are able to study one of the formative experiences in Erickson’s life. → Read more

The Artistry of Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Alex Vesely: How did you get to meet Dr. Erickson?

Herb Lustig: The first time I met Dr. Erickson was 41 years ago.

In the summer of 1973, I had just finished my training in child and adolescent psychiatry at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic and had started a private psychiatric practice. That fall, I took a weekly course in hypnosis, sponsored by a local psychiatric hospital. One day, the focus was on Milton Erickson. Alexander Yanovsky, Jay Haley, and Kay Thompson all talked about Milton Erickson, and each of them described a totally different man. At the Child Guidance Clinic we had had a seminar that highlighted Milton Erickson and his strategic therapy. But when that day’s course was completed, I was perplexed. ‘Who is the real Milton Erickson?’ After having heard these three people, all of whom knew Milton well, describe three different Milton Ericksons, I decided to find out for myself who Milton Erickson was. → Read more

The Milton Erickson Foundation has a number of archival projects for which volunteers are needed. They consist of viewing and indexing historical videos. The work must be done in Phoenix at our Thomas offices during business hours. In return students will earn credits that can be used for attending Erickson Foundation training events.

Please contact Marnie, and indicate when you can start. → Read more

Hello to All:

Here’s a special opportunity. . .

Lilian Borges, Jeffrey Zeig, and Brent Geary will offer an Online Consultation Course limited to 15 participants. (The class is also open to those who have attended the first online consultation class and wish to continue.) The format will include lectures, supervision, Q&A, PowerPoint, and clips of video for discussion. Topics will be decided by consensus, but the emphasis will be on expanding and practicing skills in Ericksonian hypnotherapy as taught during the Intensive Training workshops here in Phoenix. → Read more

Philip F. Barretta, born July 29, 1928 in Camden, New Jersey, went to his final post surrounded by members of his loving family on the afternoon of May 7th, 2015.

Philip, or “Filippo,” as he was known, joined the Marine Corps during the Korean Conflict. He worked at the Pentagon and served as the Legal Chief at Camp Le Jeune in North Carolina. He graduated from Rutgers University, received a master’s degree from California State University, Long Beach, and completed the credits for a Ph.D. (all but dissertation). → Read more